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Psalms of RA CD plus book

The New “Psalms of RA”
CD plus Book

The all new version of “The Psalms of RA” is a single CD plus book that is entirely focused on the ancient Egyptian-based material from the original 2 CD set. The 56 minute CD comes inside a beautifully packaged, 48 page, full color, hard cover book that is the size of a standard CD jewel case. The book includes full descriptions of every song, including instrumentation, history and cosmology, with texts in English, German and French.. All the song texts are also provided, from the original hieroglyphic versions to the phoenetic pronunciations to the translations. The artwork and photography of composer Jim Berenholtz illustrates the book throughout its 48 pages. The photographs are exclusively drawn from Jim’s extensive travels to ancient sacred sites in Egypt and the Sudan. This highly informative and illuminating product is ideal for world music lovers, Egyptology enthusiasts, history buffs, students of metaphysics, and anyone who appreciates the art and wisdom of ancient civilizations. Experience the acoustic ritual of “The Psalms of RA”, as it takes you on a journey from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again, paralleling the journey of the soul.

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Pslams of RA Dounle CD

The Psalms of RA
Double CD
108 minutes (2002)

An acoustic ritual of neo-ancient music recorded at world-famous Skywalker Sound with nearly fifty musicians of diverse ethnic background. Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew and Sumerian texts are brought alive on two CD's. From sunrise to sunset to sunrise again, the recordings move the listener through time, from birth to life to death to rebirth. Unique orchestrations combine Western symphonic instruments with traditional Near Eastern winds, strings and percussion. Highlights include a riveting string quintet set to the Hebrew text of Psalm 104, and a stunning musical interpretation of Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun” in ancient Egyptian. "The Psalms of RA" celebrates the sun as our common ancestor and source of light, while offering a new vision of a spiritual foundation for peace in the Middle East.

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Music in the Language of Light
Contemporary Interpretations of Ancient Hebrew Texts

48 minutes, 12 tracks (2005)

Contemporary Interpretations of Ancient Hebrew Texts
by Jim Berenholtz
The latest release from Hu Ra Records, “Music in the Language of Light” features 48 minutes of the Hebrew-based compositions from “The Psalms of RA” double CD. Included are an uplifting chamber orchestra rendition of Psalm 116, a stirring string quintet setting of Psalm 104, and a mixed Hebrew/Arabic version of the traditional Hebrew folk song (“Hinay ma tov...”) derived from Psalm 133. Also included is an original and beautiful setting of the Kaddish for voices, guitar and soprano saxopohone, as well as Kaballistic incantations of the archangels and chants to the dawn light. The instrumentation combines chorus, symphonic instruments, and traditional Middle Eastern instruments like the oud, santur, kamancheh, ney, and dumbek.

Among the featured performers are singers Sonya Heller, Melanie DeMore and Phyllis Addison, saxophonist Paul McCandless, and master instrumentalists A.J. Racy (Lebanon) and Nejad (Iran). The CD is accompanied by a 24 page full color booklet with all the texts written in Hebrew, transliterated, and translated into English. The booklet is illustrated with photography by composer Jim Berenholtz, taking on his many journeys throughout the Middle East and Africa. Images of the Sinai desert, of sacred sites like Petra, Jerusalem, Giza, Persepolis, Axum and Lalibela, and of the wildlife found in ancient Israel during Biblical times, bring illumination to the texts and inspire the listener to imaginings of the sacredness of life.

This CD is ideal for lovers of classical and world music, for those with an interest in Judaica, the Kabbalah, and Near Eastern civilizations, and for all people who work and dream for a world in peace.


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Musin in the Language of Light





Xochimoki: Land of the Feathered Serpent
66 minutes, 22 tracks (2004)

Xochimoki's new CD, "Land of the Feathered Serpent" has over an hourof music performed on ancient Aztek and Mayan instruments. It has been compiled from the best of our recordings in the 1980's, previously only available on cassette. It also includes music that was created for an animated film by Patricia Amlin entitled "Popol Vuh - The Creation Myth of the Maya" (1990) that has aired many times on PBS. All of the music has been re-edited and digitally remastered, and some here-to-fore unreleased music is also part of this release.

The CD, booklet, and covers are illustrated with original artwork based on pre-Columbian motifs. The highly informative booklet is in both English and Spanish, and includes a Nahuatl and Mayan glossary of terms .

Titles of various tracks on the CD refer to ancient Mayan ceremonial centers, sacred Aztek volcanoes, cosmologies and cultural traditions of the native peoples of Mesoamerica. The music was inspired through the living experience of connection to these cultural/spiritual roots.

see separate webpage for Xochimoki

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Xochimoki Land of the Feathered Serpent






Turquoise Waters

Songs from the Spirit World
60 minutes

“The uniqueness of this music sets it apart from other recent recordings of chant . . . may be the beginning of a completely new expression of sacred music. . . What is here now is exciting, sacred and transformative.”

According to a review in Shaman’s Drum (1988)

Now available on CD with print out and translation of all text.

Original ceremonial songs and chants in a “Lemurian” language called “Ra-ali-lea-hu”, as well as in traditional native languages and English. Performed by the composer with singer Ani Williams and flautist Mazatl Galindo.

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Xochimoki Land of the Feathered Serpent






Keeper of the Woods

SoloPiano Improvisations (1988)
60 minutes

“This is not ‘elevator’ background music. It is deeper. It represents a return to rootedness - - in this case, the Sefirot, or cosmic Tree of Life known by Jewish mystics. Totally devoid of ‘leading tone harmony’, the music is based on open intervals, dramatic left hand strokes, and strong right hand improvisations. It is music of the woods, not of the sky. With power.”

According to reviewer Robert Maynord in Pathways - Music for Spiritual Awakening (1989)

An inspired and unique synthesis of Near Eastern, Classical, Jazz and Ambient styles. Great for meditation, relaxation, massage, or just pure listening pleasure.

On cassette. Currently unavailable.




Cycles and Spirals

Songs from the Spirit World (1988)
46 minutes


“This collaboration between Jim Berenholtz and Rashani represents an integration of diversities. . . The spoken word is integrated with the sung. Harmony and dissonance are in dialogue. Ancient chants with contemporary. Rendition of such chants as ‘Ancient Mother’ are done exceptionally well, with harmonies, drums and rattles. Poems, such as ‘The Awakening’, read by Rashani and accompanied by Jim on Plains Indian flute, are haunting in their effect.”

Reviewer Robert Maynord (1989)

On cassette. Currently unavailable.




Clear Energy/Free Spirits

30 minutes


“An exhilirating tape of cross-cultural rhythms designed to support the celebration of life in every moment. “Rainstick, turtle shell drum, llama toe nail rattles, log drums, djun djun, and onebeji bongos are just some of the instruments that Free Spirits use to help the listener free up the body and clear the mind.”

Heartbeats catalogue.

Performed by Jim Berenholtz on native winds and percussion, with the late Frank Ekeh, reknowned Nigerian percussionist and alumnus of Olatunji’s Drums of Passion.

On cassette. Currently unavailable.