Recordings on CD and Cassette:

  1. “XOCHIMOKI- Land of the Feathered Serpent.”
  2. “XOCHIMOKI- Flower of the Ancient Ones.”
  3. “XOCHIMOKI- New Music/ Ancient Sources.”
  4. “XOCHIMOKI- Quetzal: Music from the Heart of Maya.”
  5. “Jaguar Woman” by Lynn Andrews- storytelling accompanied by XOCHIMOKI’s music (Harper & Row, publisher).
  6. “Song of the Jaguar”- collaboration with harpist Ani Williams (available on CD at
  7. ”Holophonics Live”- includes a live concert by XOCHIMOKI demonstrating a unique recording technology.

Film Soundtracks & TV Specials:

  1. Popol Vuh: The Creation Myth of the Maya (1989) -
    Composers Jim Berenholtz, Mazatl Galindo and others created the soundtrack for this stunning animated film by Patricia Amlin. Frequently aired on PBS.
  2. Caracol: The Lost Maya City (1987) - Composers Jim Berenholtz and Mazatl Galindo created the soundtrack for this PBS documentary feature about the excavation of an ancient Mayan city in the jungles of Belize. Produced by Pyramid Films; Robert Schyberg, director.
  3. Guatemala: The Dream of Land (1991) - Music by Xochimoki and Los Folkloristas comprise the soundtrack for this documentary short on land distribution in Guatemala. Produced by Wisconsin Public Television.
  4. “CBS News Sunday Morning” with Charles Kurault
    1985 special on the exhibition “MAYA- Treasures of an Ancient Civilization.”
    b. 1990 Earth Day special on XOCHIMOKI’s music in a Costa Rican rainforest.
  5. “Real Sex” episode on HBO.

Museum Exhibition Soundtracks:

  1. Maya Stela Interactive Media Display - de Young Museum of Art, San Francisco
  2. “MAYA- Treasure of an Ancient Civilization”- American Museum of Natural History and five other major North American museums- 2 year tour.
  3. “The Archaeology of Ancient Mexico City”- Museo Nacional de Antropologia y Historia, Mexico.
  4. Permanent pre-Colombian exhibit, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.
  5. “Where the Mountains Tremble- Weavings and Paintings of the Highland Maya” - The Wheelwright Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Concert Performances and Workshops:

  1. The United Nations, New York City
  2. La MAMA Experimental Theatre Club, NYC
  3. The Living Theatre, NYC
  4. New York Open Center, NYC
  5. American Museum of Natural History, NYC
  6. Museum of the American Indian, NYC
  7. Rincon Taino, NYC
  8. Taller Latino Americano, NYC
  9. Amherst College, Massachusetts
  10. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
  11. Cleveland Art Museum, Ohio
  12. University of Illinois, Chicago
  13. Ruiz Belvez Cultural Center, Chicago
  14. Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
  15. Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
  16. Dallas Museum of Art, Texas
  17. Denver Museum of Natural History, Colorado
  18. Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  19. Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe
  20. Fine Arts Museum, Santa Fe
  21. Wheelwright Museum, Santa Fe
  22. Santa Fe School for the Deaf, New Mexico
  23. Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe
  24. Albuquerque Museum, New Mexico
  25. Kimo Theatre, Albuquerque
  26. Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, New Mexico
  27. Taos Community Auditorium, New Mexico
  28. Las Palomas, Taos
  29. Lama Foundation, New Mexico
  30. The Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
  31. Navajo Academy, Farmington, New Mexico
  32. Navajo Public Schools, Window Rock, Arizona
  33. Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, Arizona
  34. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
  35. Prescott College, Arizona
  36. Arizona State University, Phoenix
  37. Cross Cultural Studies Center, Tucson, Arizona
  38. Orange County Performing Arts Center, Santa Ana, California
  39. University of California (San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz)
  40. Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, California
  41. Walt Disney Concert Hall at the Los Angeles Music Center
  42. Yogaworks, Los Angeles, California
  43. Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center, California
  44. Lowden Nelson Cultural Center, Santa Cruz, California
  45. Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz
  46. Whole Life Expo, San Francisco, California
  47. The Mexican Museum, San Francisco
  48. Oakland Museum, California
  49. La Pena, Berkeley, California
  50. Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, California
  51. Kalani Honua Cultural Center, Hawaii
  52. Kamehameha Schools, Honolulu, Hawaii
  53. Maui, Molokai and Kauai Community Centers, Hawaii
  54. Conscious Investors Symposium, Molokai
  55. Museum of Anthropology, University of British Colombia, Vancouver
  56. The Western Front, Vancouver, Canada
  57. Provincial Museum, Victoria, Canada
  58. Kwagiutl Reserve, Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, Canada
  59. Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Tiajuana, Mexico
  60. Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Ensenada, Mexico
  61. Na Bolom, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
  62. The Mayan Temples of Palenque and Chitzen Itza, Mexico
  63. University of Peace, Costa Rica
  64. United Nations Conference for Peace and Sustainable Development, San Jose, Costa Rica.
  65. Machu Picchu, Peru
  66. Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
  67. Edinburgh Theosophical Society, Scotland
  68. Standing Stones of Callanish, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
  69. Stonehenge, England
  70. The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury, England
  71. The October Gallery, London, England
  72. The Temples of Abu Simbel, Philae, and Luxor, Egypt
  73. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt