Theatrical and Dance Training
Musical Theatre
Teenage Performing Arts Workshop, NYC; 1971-73
Speech, Drama and Movement
American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC; 1970
Technical Theatre Production
Tim Buchman, Amherst College, Massachusetts; 1974
Brother Jonathan, Everyman Theatre Company, NYC; 1976-79
Ballet and Modern Dance
Daniel Lewis Dance Co, Amherst College and NYC; 1977
Movement Ritual
Helen Chester, The School for Body-Mind Centering, Amherst; 1978-79
Len Berkman, Smith College, Massachusetts; 1978-79
Improvisational Theatre
Judith Halevi, Taos Arts Association, New Mexico; 1981
Aztec Dance
Tlakaelel Jimenez, Kalpulli Koakalko, Mexico; 1981-83
Grupo Taoseno, Taos, New Mexico; 1983-86
Taekwando Institute, Taos, New Mexico; 1982
Gurdjieff Movement
Chuck Riley, Gurdjieff Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico; 1983
Jazz and Modern Dance
Rosalind Schrodt, Taos, New Mexico; 1982
Joy of Movement, NYC; 1984
Joy of Movement, NYC; 1984
Tai Chi
Joy of Movement, NYC; 1984
International Professional School of Bodywork, San Diego, California; 1992
Afro-Haitian Dance
Serge St. Justin, Joy of Movement, NYC; 1984
Afro-Brazilian Dance
Ligia Barretto, Joy of Movement, NYC; 1984
Balinese Topeng Dance
Tapa Sudana (of Peter Brook’s Company), NYC; 1984
I Wayan Dibia, UCLA World Arts and Culture, Los Angeles; 1988
Hawaiian Kahiko Hula
Hollis Taylor, Los Angeles, California; 1988
Mauli Cook, Kalani Honua, Hawaii; 1990
Punahele Andrade, Kalani Honua, Hawaii; 1992
Brad Lum, Kalani Honua, Hawaii; 1999
Aerial and Vertical Dance
Beginners Workshop with Project Bandaloop, Oakland, CA; 2004
Various styles, teachers and locales, from 1970 to present.
Performance Artist Appearances (partial)
The Sawdust Festival Laguna Beach, California
“Animal Rites” art opening, LeonardoGaVinci Gallery Los Angeles, California
California Men’s Gatherings Malibu and Saratoga, California
“Brothers: An Evening of Words, Music and Movement From the Hearts of Men” Santa Monica, California
“The Riper the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice” 848 Community Space, San Francisco, California
All Species Day Parades Santa Fe, New Mexico
Halloween Parades San Francisco and West Hollywood, California
Los Angeles “Music Center On Tour” Program Southern California