Bay Area Members
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David Aguilar
Jim Berenholtz
Bruce Biada
Corey Caballero
Drissana Devananda
Paulina Fink
Viviana Guzman
Sylvie Jimenez
Ayala Kalisher

Michael Kent
Elizabeth Moriarty
Onye Onyemaechi
Antonio Sausys
Chelsea Sunderman
Beat Wenger
May Woo
Zor, the Fyre God

erpentium is a unique dance troupe that specializes in performance with live snakes. Drawing from an ancient global tradition of snakedancing, Serpentium brings modern audiences an experience of sacred ritual dance that reawakens primal memory. Serpentium's dances celebrate interspecies communication in a way that is simultaneously artistic, visceral,

Excerpts from "Temple of the Cosmic Serpent" performance

Full length DVD available

awe-inspiring and soulful. Snakes of all colors and sizes, mostly different species of pythons and boas, join an ethnically diverse and international troupe of human performers to create shows that are truly unforgetable.

At once ceremony and spectacle, a show by Serpentium can form the ideal centerpiece for whatever gathering is daring enough to depart from the conventional. Serpentium has a repetoire of solo, duet, trio and ensemble pieces that can be tailor designed to suit the specific needs of our hosts. Whether it's a five minute act or a full-length show, Serpentium has what it takes to enliven any event and entrance any audience. Our shows bring an exotic flair to everything from private parties to corporate events, public festivals, dance raves and theatrical revues. Serpentium members have performed at birthday parties, weddings, conventions, workshops, New Years Eve and Halloween parties. We have appeared in private homes and at supper clubs, from wineries to film studios. Wherever we go, we bring people together to feel the beauty and power of the moment.

As performance artists that work with live animals, we are dedicated to a compassionate and environmentally aware relationship with all living things. Most of our snakes are either captive-bred or rescues that needed a new home. We care for them with full love and devotion, and do not exploit them in any way that would be harmful or disrespectful. In fact, we have found that our snakes are natural performers; "party animals", you might say. They clearly enjoy the opportunity to be out, interacting with other snakes as well as with other people. Let us spread this enjoyment with you. If you are looking to expand beyond the boundaries of the familiar, then call on Serpentium. We will take you on a journey that is mythical, magical and magnificent.

*Serpentium is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are able to bring our shows to other locations throughout California and Nevada. Beyond this region, the logistics of travel with snakes become a bit more challenging. They are, however, negotiable.