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Yoga For Health International Yoga Therapy Conference

Mantra Lounge

Saturday June 11th 2007
8 - 10 PM

San Rafael, CA

A special "COSMIC DANCE" featuring ritualistic snake dancing, a unique performance ritual bringing yoga asanas and mudras together with a hypnotic dance accompanied by live snakes

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South of Market Bare
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Meet & Greet

Saturday June 11th, 2005
4 - 8 PM

The Eagle Tavern
San Francisco

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A Theatrical Dance-Music Spectacle
featuring live dances with snakes
September 18 thru 20 at 8pm
September 21 at 6pm, 2003
at Lloyd Wright's Sowden House
Hollywood, California

Inspired by the unique neo-Mayan architecture of the Sowden House, and drawing upon the ancient Mayan tradition of the Feathered Serpent as the one who brings opposing forces into balance, "Temple of the Cosmic Serpent" arrives in Hollywood this September near the time of the Autumn Equinox.

Designed as an interspecies dance ritual of humans and snakes together, this show brings together twenty-four dancers and musicians plus an ensemble of live pythons, boas and other constrictors ranging in size from one to fourteen feet. The Sowden House will come magically alive through the embodiment of mythical beings of diverse cultural origins - Aztec, Mayan, Hopi, Egyptian, Greek, and Hindu. Symphonic instruments will play alongside Middle Eastern drums, preColumbian flutes, and conch shell trumpets. Fire dancers, belly dancers, mask dancers, stiltwalkers, mermaids, singers and poets will all light up the night with their artistry.

The focalizer of this event is composer and world musician Jim Berenholtz, creator of the recently released double CD, "The Psalms of RA", recorded at Skywalker Sound. Since 1989 Jim has also been performing as a snakedancer throughout California, from high-profile Hollywood parties to nightclubs; at theatres, festivals and gallery openings; and on television, film and video. Now he has expanded this act into a full-scale production to include numerous dancers and snakes, thereby bringing back the ancient global tradition of snakedancing as a living ensemble art form.

Special Guest Speakers

Drawing upon his diverse experience in over seventy countries and amongst more than one hundred indigenous cultures, Jim will channel a richness of mythological, choreographic and compositional inspiration to "Temple of the Cosmic Serpent". He is joined in this by fellow composer/musician Mazatl Galindo, choreographer Bruce Biada, director/choreographer Ken Roht, and an eclectic array of other brilliant performers from both Northern and Southern California.

View these two film clips
From the "Temple of the Cosmic Serpent" performance with Serpentium Dance Troupe
Scenes of Snake performances featuring Jim Berenholtz

The host of this performance event is interior designer Xorin Balbes, whose Sowden House renovation has received great accolades in the press and design worlds. Balbes is also one of the spearheads for "Global Vision for Peace", which brought the dove pin to the 2003 Academy Awards and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for clearing land mines in Angola and Afghanistan. In that same spirit, "Temple of the Cosmic Serpent" is being created as a project that unites the performing and healing arts. Plans are also in motion for the creation of a documentary film to tell the story of the making of "Temple of the Cosmic Serpent".

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